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about us...

johan widmann is a junior studying computer science, and, assuming no mutinies, the team lead of this project.  he is from chicago, il, and is a cold weather enthusiast. 

catalina santamaria is an, out of the ordinary, sports management freshman that is obsessed with colombia, canes, and her puppy, cassie. in the future she hopes to work for nike and someday crowd surf a concert. 

meet emma wu. special talents include dancing, and listening to you talk about your life until 4 am. emma wu is possibly one of the most caring friends you could have, and despite her jam-packed chbe schedule she’ll make time to be there for her friends. soon enough you’ll be servery-hopping with emma, and lining up for your 1 am caffeine fix at coffeehouse. emma can also teach you a thing or two about busting a move, this junior was a former rice dance team member, and can put everyone on the dance floor to shame.

alec tobin is a sophomore studying sociology and policy studies. he is interested in urban organization and design and giving his venmo transactions really long descriptions.

sam wittmann is a senior computer science major, bartender and sneakerhead. he has way too many stickers on his water bottle.